Payments Re-Imagined

Juspay helps make checkout process extremely easy. Our solution reduces the checkout process to mere 2 simple steps and helps complete the payment in less than 15 seconds.

This ties back to a great customer experience and you will benefit immensely from repeat purchases.

Secure and Safe

We have you covered here. Our systems are PCI compliant. With our solution, you do not have to worry about compliance and security.

Our solutions will guide you such that credit card information never reaches your servers and at the same time ensures that customer experience is not sacrificed.

Simple APIs

We believe in simplicity. Our foundation APIs are HTTP based. All our integration points are simple and yet offers great flexibility.

Our simple APIs are developed with your developers in mind. We will make sure that they are very happy to work with our system.

Express Checkout as a Service

Fast and efficient checkout

You own the look and feel

Checkout from anywhere in the site

No more getting lost in redirection

Don't wait to delight your customers.

Get Started Now

Get set, Go

In business, time is money. Building PCI compliant infrastructure takes several months. With us, you can give your customers great experience immediately. Our simple APIs were intentionally designed to make it very quick to integrate.

Scale up at low cost

With our Pay-as-you-go billing model, you are only charged if you use our services. No long term commitments or upfront fees.

Peace of mind

Credit card information is risky to handle and store. Your engineers are more likely to enjoy working on the product than worrying about security. Let us handle security & risk so that you can sleep in peace!